Diet Specialty Cakes

Cake is one treat that most everyone enjoys, but unfortunately, there are many who are not able to consume this type of food for a variety of health reasons. The good news is that now many bakeries have been able to come up with alternative ingredients that help to replace the ones that those on special diets cannot tolerate.

Cake for Diabetics

Sugar intake is a big concern for diabetics, and as we all know, a standard cake can be full of this ingredient, especially when you add the toppings to them. Bakers are now using sugar substitutes, plus they have been able to develop special icings that are much lower in sugar and don’t detract from the wonderful taste of the cake.

Cakes with No Flour

One of the main ingredients in a cake is flour, and for a very long time, it was thought to be impossible to make a cake without this ingredient. For those who need to shun flour, it now means that they can still enjoy a wonderful piece of cake. A good example of this is a chocolate cake that is made with chick peas to replace the flour. It may not sound appealing but those that have tried it are most impressed.,

Dairy Free Cakes

Another important ingredient to cakes is dairy products like eggs, milk, and sometimes butter. These too, can now be replaced with alternative ingredients and still produce a cake well worth eating.

What is probably the most notable thing about a traditional cake recipe being replaced with alternative ingredients, is the density of the cake itself. Other than that when it comes to flavour, many don’t think that it has been compromised. There are some concessions that have to be made with specialty cakes, but mostly it comes down to some minor adjustments in judging their taste.

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