How to Still Enjoy Cake When You are On a Diet

One of the biggest food losses that may dieters experience is the fact that they are cut off cake. This has been such a big issue for many, that rather than give this up, they would up sooner not diet. There are ways that you can have your cake and eat it too when you are dieting.

Many bakeries have now become so tuned into people wanting to lose weight and giving up cake, that they have designed cakes for dieters or calorie reduced diet. If you are one that loves their cake but wants to lose weight, then here is a good starting point for you.

Begin with one of the calorie reduced cakes. Just because it has fewer calories that doesn’t mean you can eat a bigger piece. Stick to the same size that you would normally consume. Then make it a point when you go for the next piece which is perhaps the next day, that you take half the size of what you ate the day before.

Don’t fall into the trap just because the cake is a day old that you have to finish it off because it will go stale. Instead of this, when you buy the cake cut it in half and freeze it.

Another step in the right direction is to make it a rule that you are going to buy your cakes and you are not going to make them yourself. To help you stick to this rule, get rid of all the cake mixes and ingredients you have in your home.

Now that you are buying the cakes, only purchase the calorie reduced ones, or if you cannot get these, then ask for a cake that is fit for diabetics as the sugar will be reduced, which will help you cut the sugar and calories.

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